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Can I use the promo I have to purchase a gift card?
Can I use the promo I have to purchase a gift card?

Learn all about promotions and gift cards, gifting promotions, and paying now to order later

Updated over a week ago

Hoping to pay for Mixtiles now, but order later? Wondering if a promotion can be used towards the purchase of a gift card? Looking for a way to gift your loved one an awesome sale?

You can find the answers to all of these questions right here! 😊

Our Tile Gift Cards can be purchased using a bundle promotion. A bundle promotion is a sale that is described as "Buy X number of Mixtiles for $Y amount."

To do this, just visit and enter your promo code in the menu. Once the code is entered there, go back to the menu and click Buy a Gift Card. Here's how:

Just a heads-up – our tile gift cards only apply to our 8.4" x 8.4" Mixtiles. These gift cards can't be redeemed to purchase our larger sizes, Canvas style, nor applied as a dollar amount against the total.

Gift cards don't expire though, so the recipient will be able to use the gift card whenever they're ready. πŸ‘

Note: Our current sale, 12 Mixtiles for $99 with code CS12FOR99, will work to purchase one of our 12 Mixtiles gift cards!



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