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Gift Card FAQs

Your gift card questions answered.

Updated over a week ago

Does Mixtiles sell gift cards?

We sure do! 😊 You can purchase a Mixtiles gift card here.

Tile Gift Cards: These gift cards only apply to our 8.4" x 8.4" Mixtiles. Our tile gift cards can't be redeemed to purchase our larger sizes, Canvas style, nor applied as a dollar amount against the total.

Value Gift Cards: Buy a certain dollar amount that can be redeemed towards any size Mixtiles.

How do I redeem my tile gift card?

On our website or app, look for the three lines in the top corner. Once you click them, you should see the option "Add Promo Code" appear. That's where you can enter your gift card code.

How are the gift cards delivered?

Mixtiles gift cards are delivered to the recipient via email.

Can I set when the gift card is sent?

The gift card email is delivered immediately, but if you'd like to delay the sending of the gift card, no worries! You can enter your own email address in the "Who is the gift for" line, and then you can forward the email to the recipient whenever you're ready! πŸ‘

Will I get a copy of the email?

Yep! We'll send you a copy of the email we send the recipient, along with a copy of your receipt. πŸŽ‰

Can I send a gift card to anyone in the world?

You sure can! Our gift cards can be used in any country that Mixtiles delivers to.

To see all the countries we can ship to, click here. πŸ‘

Do the gift cards expire?

Nope! πŸŽ‰ But if you ever have any trouble redeeming it, just give us a shout. We'll be happy to help. 😊

This applies to Tile Gift Cards only:

My gift card says it's been used, but I haven't used it yet!

If your gift card hasn't been used to place an order, but it's been entered once before, you'll receive an error message that looks like this:

If this happens, there's no need to enter it again. Just be sure that you're using the same device and same method (web / app) as when the gift card code was first entered.

Once you're on that device, there's no need to enter the gift card code again. Simply continue your order, and you'll see a note on the Checkout page about the free Mixtiles before placing your order. πŸ‘

Double-check the material selected on your order, if you are redeeming a gift card, they are only eligible for our framed or frameless 8.4" x 8.4" Mixtiles (not Canvas).

Can the gift cards be used on more than one order?

Sure! The person redeeming the gift card can spread the gift card over multiple orders, but they'll need to use the same device to make their orders. πŸ’‘

Once the gift card code is entered once, there's no need to enter it again on the next order. As long as the same device is used, the remaining gift card balance will be available for redemption.

Can I use the promo I have to purchase a gift card?

Currently, only bundle promotions will work when applying a discount to a gift card purchase. A bundle promotion is a sale that is described as "Buy X number of Mixtiles for $Y amount."

To do this, just visit and enter your promo code in the menu. Once the code is entered there, go back to the same menu and click Buy a Gift Card. Here's how:

This applies to Value Gift Cards only:

Can value gift cards be used on more than one order?

Sure! The person redeeming the gift card can spread the gift card over multiple orders. They can keep entering the same gift code until the total dollar amount has been spent!

Can I use the promo I have to purchase a value gift card?

I'm afraid our promotions cannot be used towards the purchase of a value gift card.

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