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What are Photo Books?

Learn all about our brand-new product: Mixtiles Photo Books

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Photo Books

Introducing an exciting addition to our lineup – Photo Books!

This new product is a departure from our traditional hangable photo tiles. With Photo Books, you can now curate a collection of your favorite moments into a single, sleek product. Relive each moment as you flip through the pages of your personalized Photo Book and share the stories that matter most to you.

Our books cost the same no matter how many pages you include!

In our initial release, Photo Books will only be available in the US. Get started by uploading a minimum of 24 photos, showcasing up to a maximum of 150 cherished memories. Our single layout β€” one photo per page β€” ensures that every memory is fully cherished.

Cover Photo

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Customize your Photo Book by handpicking the photo for the front cover (the back cover is photo-free). Edit or remove the "Happy Moments" text to provide a meaningful summary that encapsulates the story within. You'll find the same text along the spine of the Photo Book.

Customizing Your Photo Book

Once your photos are uploaded, the creative power is in your hands. Arrange them in the perfect order that tells your story seamlessly, with the flexibility to crop each image to perfection.

Your Questions Answered:

Some of our discounts will work towards the purchase of a Photo Book. You can apply:

  • Any Mixtiles Credits you have

  • Value Gift Cards

  • Percent-Off Discounts

Photo Books are only offered in hard cover (no soft cover), and are made of:

  • Pages: The photos are printed on a velvety, silk-feel, wood-free paper, which are the actual pages of the book. The silk finish reduces unwanted reflections while preserving color richness.

  • Cover: A thin matte film is applied to the cover to improve overall durability.

  • Photo Books are recyclable.

You can order more than one Photo Book at a time, however only copies of the exact same Photo Book (same photos, same size).

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