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What is Jumble?

Learn all about our giant collage sticker: Jumble!

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Jumble is our latest product!

Jumbles are wall decals that can stick to various surfaces without causing any damage!

Sizes and Prices:

So far, Jumbles are offered in two sizes:

  • 30" x 30" (76 cm x 76 cm)

    • $59 USD

    • €60

    • £51

    • $100 CAD

  • 40" x 40" (101 cm x 101 cm)

    • $99 USD

    • €98

    • £83

    • $155 CAD

How do I order a Jumble?

As long as you're ordering from the US, you'll see the option to choose between our Tiles or Jumble when you click "Let's Go" from the homepage.


You can choose from the following shapes for your Jumble:

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 16.33.17.png

Each Jumble is made of exactly 30 photos, so be sure to have your favorite pics ready!


Jumbles are printed on a white polymeric vinyl sticker. They are water-resistant, fade resistant, and can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

How to Edit Your Photos on a Jumble:

Click on the photo you'd like to crop / swap / replace / or remove. Then, you'll see a pop-up appear with the option to do just that.

Crop : You'll be able to adjust what part of the photo does or doesn't get cut off.

Swap Positions : You'll be able to change where one photo is on the Jumble with another.

Replace Photo : You'll be able to change that photo with a different photo.

Remove Photo : You'll be able to remove that photo from the Jumble entirely.

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