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What is Creative Matting?
What is Creative Matting?

Learn all about our feature called Creative Matting.

Updated over a week ago

Creating Matting

Creative Matting is a new feature we're offering through our website, and allows for the matting between the photo and the frame to be customized!

Choose from different matting widths and 8 different colors.

Once your photos are uploaded, click on the Mat option that will appear under your photos to get started! You can mix matting sizes and colors on a single order – just click on each photo individually to do that.

So far, this feature is only available for our framed Mixtiles and when ordering Mixtiles individually (meaning this feature isn't available for our Gallery Wall sets).

If you've already placed your order, but need to make some changes, just get in touch with us through our chat service or by email ([email protected]). We'll do our best to help! πŸ’›

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