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How do I order?

Learn how to order Mixtiles.

Updated over a week ago

We've got a couple of different options for ordering Mixtiles. πŸŽ‰

Ordering through our website:

Our website is the best way to place your order: There, you can find all of our available sizes and styles. You can access our website from a computer or a smartphone!

Ordering through our app:

You can find most of our available styles and sizes on our app now as well! Canvas, Jumble, and Wall Signs are still exclusively available on our website, but if you're just looking for sizes, you can order those right through our app.

Note: We recently discontinued our Android app. But, if you have an iPhone, you can find our app available in the App Store.

Can I place an order through email or social media?

We aren't able to accept orders through email or social media DMs. But, if you run into any trouble placing your order, you can always reach out to us, or check out this article for some troubleshooting tips. πŸ’›

Can you place the order for me?

I'm afraid we don't have a way to place the order on your behalf. But, if you run into any trouble placing your order through our website or app, we'll be here to help!

Can I get support or order over the phone?

So far, we offer Customer Service support through email ([email protected]) or online chat only. You can find our online chat service through our website.

Can I order with photos I have saved in my email?

When ordering through our app:

So far, the Mixtiles app only works with photos you have saved directly to your phone's photo album or that are stored in your iCloud. If your photos are saved elsewhere, just be sure to get them saved on your phone before placing your order.

When ordering through our website:

When ordering through our website, you can choose photos directly from your Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Google Drive, or the ones stored on your device. To do that:

  1. Click the pink plus symbol (+).

  2. Select Facebook or Instagram.

  3. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose to order photos stored in your Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or Google Drive.


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