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All About Gifting Mixtiles 🎁
All About Gifting Mixtiles 🎁

Learn about the different options we have when it comes to gifting Mixtiles to your loved ones.

Updated over a week ago

Can Mixtiles send an order directly to the recipient?

Absolutely! Take advantage of our worldwide shipping, and have a Mixtiles order sent directly to your loved ones.

We never include receipts in our packages – we send those as an attachment directly in the confirmation email (so just be sure to put your own email address on the order to keep the gift a surprise). 🀫

Can I split the order to be sent to multiple addresses?

I'm afraid we don't have a way to split a single order into two or more delivery addresses. In this case, the best bet will be to place a separate order for each delivery address. πŸ‘

Can I give Mixtiles as a gift?

You sure can! If you'd like the recipient to be in charge of choosing which photos to have turned into Mixtiles, you can give them the gift of a gift card!

Looking for more information on gift cards? Click here. πŸ’Œ

Do you have gift wrapping or discreet packaging?

I'm afraid we don't have any gift wrapping options available yet, and our Mixtiles are delivered in packages that have the Mixtiles name and logo on them. πŸ˜…

We do have a tip we can share as a workaround, though, and that would be to

send the Mixtiles to a different address or to your nearest UPS Access Point where you can pick it up!

Can I add a gift note?

So far, we're only able to add gift notes for customers ordering from the US. In this case, you'll be able to add a gift note on the Checkout page! πŸŽ‰

Already ordered and forgot to add your note? We don't have a way to add a gift note once an order's placed, but we'll be glad to help you cancel the order so you can make a new order with the note.

Can you exclude the receipt?

No worries! We never include receipts in our packages – we send those as an attachment directly in the email address on the order. 😊

Can I use the promo I have to purchase a gift card?

Currently, only bundle promotions will work when applying a discount on our tile gift cards. A bundle promotion is a sale that is described as "Buy X number of Mixtiles for $Y amount."

To do this, just visit and enter your promo code in the menu. Once the code is entered there, go back to the same menu and click Buy a Gift Card. Here's how:

To learn more about our gift cards? Click here. πŸ’Œ

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