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How do I order your Wall Signs?
How do I order your Wall Signs?

Learn all about our customizable centerpieces, complete with Mixtiles stick and restick magic!

Updated over a week ago

We finally offer wall signs that you can pair with your Mixtiles display to really tie in all of your precious memories with a theme of your choice! πŸŽ‰

Here's a peak at a few of the wall signs we offer:

To order the wall sign on their own and browse through all of the options we have available, click here.

You can even customize the words on the wall signs to really make it unique to your home. πŸ’– So far, we've only got one size available, which is 25.2" x 8.4" (64 cm x 21.35 cm), and the font cannot be customized – only the words!

✨Pro Tip!✨

It's possible you may be looking for scrabble tiles that say "family," "home," and "love." It looks a little something like this:

So far, we don't sell these scrabble tiles individually and the phrases aren't customizable. But, you can purchase them through the Gallery Wall set* linked here:

*Note: The Scrabble Wall is only available for purchase in the US, UK, Canada, and Israel.

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