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Frame Styles and Materials
Frame Styles and Materials

Learn more about Mixtiles tile styles and their materials

Updated over a week ago

We've actually got a couple of options when it comes to frame styles and their materials!

All of our tiles have photos printed on high-quality photo paper, are super lightweight and durable, and have a matte finish. None of them have any sort of glass or plastic covering the frame. πŸ‘

Framed styles: Our frames are made of MDF, which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard.

*Note: Our 8.4" x 8.4" framed Mixtiles will be made in either plastic or MDF.

Frameless style: Our frameless style, Edge, has the prints attached to a lightweight backing similar to foam board, which is exposed on the sides. So far, the exposed edges are only available in black.

Tip: If the wooden-color frames aren't showing as an option, try selecting a different size! It could be that they're sold out in the size you're looking at.

We hope to add more frame colors (such as gold! 🀞) in the near future, but so far the wood, black, and white colors are the only ones we have for our framed styles. And, the black foam is the only color we have available for our frameless, Edge style.

With our framed styles, you can choose from a variety of mat sizes and colors! The GIF below shows how to do that:

Wide Frames

For a bolder, premium look, we also offer our classic Mixtiles in a wide frame! They look a little something like this:


They are made of the same material as our regular frames: MDF.

With our wide frame option, the size of our Mixtiles are still the same overall. The width of the frame itself is 1" for sizes up to 16"x 12", and 1.33” for sizes 20" x 20" and above. The width of our regular frames is 0.47”.ο»Ώ


We're also offering a brand-new style called Canvas!

Our Canvas option is made using genuine artist-quality canvas, a proprietary blend of cotton and polyester. πŸ€—

This means your photo will wrap around the edges of the wooden frame, giving it the look that your photo continues on all sides!



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