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What can I do if my order isn't going through?
What can I do if my order isn't going through?

What to do if there are technical issues when you try to place your order.

Updated over a week ago

This article covers the common problems and solutions encountered while placing an order.

If the listed solutions don't resolve the issue, please email us so that we can help!



The app is behaving glitchy.

Check the App Store and download any new app updates.

A connection disruption occurs during order processing.

Make sure you are using a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to place your order.

A promo code error stops the order from completing.

Remove the promo code and try to place the order. If it goes through, contact our support team to apply your discount retroactively.

There's a bug on the platform you're using.

Try placing the order on a different Mixtiles platform (we have a free mobile app and a website).

The website is behaving glitchy.

Try placing your order using a Google Chrome browser in Incognito Mode.

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