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Where's my order?
Where's my order?

Learn how to check on an order and when to expect your tracking link.

Updated over a week ago

App Orders

If you ordered through our app, you can check on your order right from the app! Just click on the three lines in the upper corner and select My Orders.

Website Orders

You can check on your orders by logging in to your Mixtiles Account. If you didn't have an account when you placed your order, not to worry! You can create an account using the same email address that was on the order to see your order history.

Note: If you create an account and don't see your previous orders, it could be that the previous orders were under a different email address. This is especially common if you paid with PayPal or Apple Pay. Sometimes your PayPal or Apple Pay will have an old email address associated with it, and that's what email address would be on your order.

When your order ships, we'll send a tracking link by email to the email address on the order. πŸ‘

No updates to the tracking link? Tracking link showing a later delivery date? Unsure when to expect your order?

Your tracking link will always have the most up-to-date information about your delivery, but if it's causing more confusion than clarity, just give us a shout! Send us a chat or an email to [email protected], so we can do some digging for you. πŸ•΅οΈ

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