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Refresher Kits
Refresher Kits

What to do if your Mixtiles are falling or the tape needs refreshing.

Updated over a week ago

Our adhesives are specially designed for our tiles, so they aren't available for purchase. But, of course, if your Mixtiles are falling and not staying put like they should, we're here to help! πŸ€—

We offer free Refresher Kits to reinforce the stick for the following Mixtiles:

  • 8.4" x 8.4" Mixtiles with the single adhesive strip along the top

  • Mixtiles with a single magnet on the back

We don't have Refresher Kits for our larger sizes with the single adhesive strip on the back just yet, or for our Mixtiles with four magnets on the back.

If your Mixtiles are giving you trouble, and they aren't eligible for a Refresher Kit, we'll offer to replace your Mixtiles instead! Either way, send us a chat or an email to [email protected] if your Mixtiles purchase is giving you trouble, and we'll get this sorted for you one way or another. 🌻

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