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All About Mixtiles Art
All About Mixtiles Art

Learn about Mixtiles Art and printing your own artwork on Mixtiles.

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What is Mixtiles Art?

We've collaborated with artists from across the globe to offer stunning framed artwork using our same Mixtiles technology. You can browse through our vast selection to find the perfect complement to your home.

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You can browse through our Mixtiles Art website here:

Will my promo code work on Mixtiles Art?

The two kinds of promotional codes that will work on Mixtiles Art are Percent Off deals (20% off, for example), or Buy X number of Mixtiles get Y number free deals.

If this is your first Mixtiles Art order, you can find a sweet deal here. ๐Ÿญ

Can I have my own artwork turned into Mixtiles?

This depends a bit on the artwork you'd like to have turned into Mixtiles. The first thing to note is that we only work with digital copies, so we can't turn physical art pieces into Mixtiles.

All of our Mixtiles are made with an auto-enhancement feature applied, which is intended to make your photos pop with vibrancy.

But, sometimes, it can make the colors in a graphic design or piece of artwork look a bit off.

That being said, we've had lots of artists display their artwork with Mixtiles, so I'd say it's worth giving it a try, starting with one piece. If anything's not looking true to your artwork when you see the Mixtiles in person, just connect with our customer support team by email or chat!

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